Kentucky Endangered Species

Kentucky  –   SEE MORE HERE

Appalachian cave crayfish
Appalachian snaketail
Ashy darter
Big Sandy crayfish
Big South Fork crayfish
Blackfin sucker
Blood River crayfish
Clifton cave beetle
Crystal darter
Cumberland darter
Cumberland moccasinshell
Diamond darter
Domed ancylid
Eastern hellbender
Eastern small-footed bat
Fluted kidneyshell
Green floater
Hall’s bulrush
Icebox Cave beetle
Karst snowfly
Kentucky arrow darter
Kentucky creekshell
Kirtland’s snake
Knobby rocksnail
Large-flowered Barbara’s-buttons
Lea’s bog lichen
Longhead darter
Louisville cave beetle
Northern cavefish
Northern long-eared bat
Popeye shiner
Purple lilliput
Pyramid pigtoe
Rockcastle wood-aster
Round hickorynut
Salamander mussel
Shawnee darter
Sheepnose mussel
Short’s bladderpod
Shortspire hornsnail
Slabside pearlymussel
Smallscale darter
Spectaclecase pearly mussel
Spotted darter
Streamside salamander
Tatum cave beetle
Tennessee clubshell
Tippecanoe darter
Virginia stone
Water stitchwort
White fringeless orchid

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