Hidden River Cave Hoping Addition Will Boost Business


Hidden River Cave and the American Cave Museum are filled with history as is the town in which their located; but Horse Cave has been hit hard by the recession.

“It’s done its damage here. We’ve closed our theater recently. We’ve got a lot of empty store fronts downtown. We need to do something to bring that back. We’ve got a lot of historic buildings, but if they sit empty, they’ll fall down.” said David Foster, Executive Director of American Cave Conservation Association.

As shops remain closed the area looks for new business opportunities and the folks at Hidden River Cave may have found the spark the town has been looking for.

“Would you think badly of us, would you not contribute if we became more adventurous and put in zip lines and rappels and things like that? The guy said to me, no Dave I love the idea. In fact i’m going to write you a $20,000 check to get the ball off.” added an excited Foster.

Stretching across the cave entrance the zipline and rappel unit are no doubt a sight to see and a rush to experience.

“There’s not many places where you can go over a cave in a zipline. That fist step is like a leap of faith.” said Kristy Maddux, Hidden River Cave Tour Guide.

Though it’s only a few metal wires, the zipline could certainly do a lot for the area.

“We want businesses to be able to come in here and cater to the tourist who are coming and be able to put go going viable businesses back into Main Street. We think we’re going to be able to use this to turn that corner.” commented Foster.

In their first few days of having the zip line and rappeling open, Hidden River Cave has had guests from Michigan, Alabama, Tennesee and Indiana.


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