Notorious Koch Brothers Win 2013’s Rubber Dodo


It’s a landslide: The ultra-secret, super-rich Koch Brothers are the lucky recipients of the Center for Biological Diversity’s 2013 Rubber Dodo Award, given annually to those who have done the most to drive endangered species extinct.

Charles G. and David H. Koch have worked for years behind the scenes to prop up right-wing operations like the climate-denial movement, the Tea Party, and efforts to push through Keystone XL and strip federal protection for the last wolves left in the lower 48 states.

“When it comes to pulling levers behind the scenes for those who wreck our climate, destroy wild places and attempt to kill our last remaining wildlife, the Koch Brothers are in a class by themselves,” said Kierán Suckling, the Center’s executive director. “Either their moral compass is broken or they never had one in the first place. These guys are the poster children for despicable corporate greed.”

More than 14,000 people cast their votes in this year’s Rubber Dodo contest — thanks so much for your enthusiasm. Disappointed contenders for the title were Rep. Doc Hastings (R.-Wash.);

Russ Girling, Keystone XL booster and TransCanada CEO; and NRA head honcho Wayne LaPierre.

Read more in our press release.


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