Glasgow couple nears end of self-quarantine after Africa trip


Since Mike and Rosana Padgett returned from Africa about two weeks ago, they have managed to keep themselves busy.

Mike Padgett, pastor of Glasgow Bible Church, has been reading, studying and writing. He has also attended some meetings via the Internet. Rosana, meanwhile, a teacher’s aide for Barren County Schools, has been cleaning out closets and washing windows.

But there’s a twist: The couple volunteered to isolate themselves from the public for 21 days in the unlikely event the Padgetts contracted the Ebola virus during their trip. The self-quarantine ends Thursday.

Mike Padgett said this week they have shown no signs of the disease.

“We have no symptoms; absolutely zero,” he said Thursday.

The Padgetts traveled to Kenya to visit their daughter, Jessica, and their newly born grandchild. They spent 28 days in Africa, during which Mike worked with 40 missionaries in Kenya and Tanzania – two countries on the eastern coast of Africa, thousands of miles from the center of the Ebola outbreak on the continent’s western coast.

“We got home on Wednesday night, which would have been the 15th of October at 11 p.m.,” Mike Padgett said. “The next morning by 10 a.m., we had already had calls from the Barren County Board of Education, the hospital and the health department about where we’d been and what we’d done.

“At that time, the board of education was trying to decide what to do and how to handle it, because parents were very concerned about my wife, who is a teacher’s aide, being back at school and around the children. Of course, they were thinking we had been in an Ebola area.”

The Padgetts spoke with Barren County Schools officials, who granted Rosana Padgett three weeks of paid leave while the couple essentially quarantined themselves.

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