All roads in Kentucky lead you through Hell

U.S. Marijuana Party Kentucky

Subtitle: How to age quickly and retire early from a life of Activism in Cannabis – via the DEA

Subtitle: How to become a criminal vs. a patient in need of their medication…

May 7th, 2015

I really hate writing about myself. I rarely do and when I do it is for a reason. I have no other choice but to tell the story as it happened – and unfortunately it happened to me, although you could say that I have set myself up for “martyrdom” by being involved with Activism in any aspect which has to do with Cannabis. That is my sin – I smoke Cannabis. I know that it helps my anxiety but I also knew that Cannabis alone most likely would not be able to handle my “condition” and that it was “illegal” to use. O.K., that much is fact.

In 1979 I was diagnosed with…

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