Officials Warn Residents To Avoid Rabbit Carcasses After Man’s Death

CBS Denver

LAFAYETTE, Colo. (CBS4) – Health officials in Boulder County are warning residents to be aware of Tularemia, a disease that can be transmitted to humans from rabbit carcasses.

This week employees from Boulder County Public Health are going door-to-door handing out flyers that present facts about the bacterial infection.

On Thursday employee Marshall Lipps was spreading the word in Lafayette.

“It’s a notification,” Lipps told one neighbor while a CBS4 crew was present. “There’s a disease called Tularemia that’s been confirmed in this area.”

Tularemia can be dangerous if not treated quickly. It is frequently referred to as rabbit fever because it is spread by infected rabbits or rodents and ticks or fleas.

“Typically it’s an animal disease, but humans can get it,” Lipps said.

“Just some precautions — if you see dead animals in your yard (don’t) touch them. Bag them up.”

County disease control manager Carol Helwig said…

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