10 Of History’s Strangest Duels

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I knew about the Lincoln and the Twain duels, but I had never heard of the other stories.

Duels were once considered the height of chivalry, the proper way for people of a certain class to settle their differences. Not all duels went off without a hitch, though, and certainly not all of them were fought with pistols or swords. The stories behind some duels—and some of those that never happened—are much, much stranger.

Featured image credit: Lock, Stock, and History

10 Billiard Balls


Sometimes, a duel is the proper and honorable way for gentlemen to settle their differences, whatever they may be. Other duels seem more like frat party dares gone really wrong.

On what was an otherwise quiet September day in 1843, a game of billiards in Maisonfort, France went terribly sideways. The two opponents, Melfant and Lenfant, began to argue about how the game was…

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