Chief Terrill Riley Cave City Kentucky


WBKO announced on September 13th that Cave City Kentucky now had a new Police Chief.  His name is Terrill Riley, and was formerly an Officer with the Police Department.

Terrill Riley, who’d been filling in as interim Cave City police chief, following the retirement of former Chief Jeff Wright, was appointed Monday to the position of chief.  LINK

Per WBKO: 

GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) — Last night, Chief Terrill Riley was appointed to Police Chief by Cave City Mayor, Dwyane Hatcher.

Although Chief Riley officially accepted the new position on Monday, he’s already starting to meet his goals during his time as Cave City’s Police Chief. ​ “One of the things I’m really looking forward to right now, and obviously it was one of my goals taking over as Chief is getting the D.A.R.E. program back in to Caverna Schools System up here.”  Chief Riley says the D.A.R.E. program will come back to the Caverna Schools System this October.


On the same day, this discussion was posted on TOPIX.Com


Elizabethtown, KY

#1 Monday Sep 12

I may be not up to date on laws and such but i do know that there are certain qualifications that have to be met to be chief and while i respect the man that received the position he did not possess all of the qualifications required to no fault of his other than just not enough time on the job to provide the training and experienced which he would have later. My point is that in order to be appointed chief the council had to vote to completely change the requirements of such which as they had other applicants fully qualified who had applied for the position and who were not even given the respect of an interview was very low and completely in my way of thinking not only disrespectful to the standing rules and city regulations with no concern for the people of the city and the fact that they deserve the very best that the other applicants weren’t even called in for interviews after being told they had a fair change, illegal!! Therefore each and everyone on the council and the mayor and everyone else concerned should be impeached and or fired from their positions since they use their power not for the better of the community but to fulfill their own pettiness and make up the rules as they go!! So so sad to have to abide in a place where the people who are supposed to be running our town and keeping our streets safe are the biggest crooks of them all as i said no disrespect to the chief but if he is the man i think he is, i believe he would agree that the existing requirements should stay in place and not be bent to play favoritism even to him knowing that he is young with plenty if time to be qualified by the existing rules which would be the only honorable and fair thing to do.   LINK

The links below are to several forum posts on TOPIX about Terrell Riley.

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Terrell Riley

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wheres terrill

Apparently, this story sums up how Terrill Riley was slipped into the role of Police Chief of Cave City after Police Chief Jeff Wright announced his retirement on May 27 after an incident report was filed, dated Feb. 17, stating the city has received a written complaint against Wright and Capt. Chris Edwards from Stacy Estes Monroe, owner of Learning Tree Day Care.  In her formal complaint, Monroe said Wright and Edwards “used professional tactics of power and control to intimidate and harass me and my staff. I was also threatened by Chief Jeff Wright that he would contact the state police and the media over this issue and I would lose kids.”  LINK TO STORY HERE

Chief Riley has said that getting the D.A.R.E Program back into Caverna Schools is a priority. 

New Cave City police chief will bring D.A.R.E. to local school

As far as the D.A.R.E. Program is concerned, here is an article which seems to say that it just did not work. 

Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates, who believed that “casual drug users should be taken out and shot,” founded the DARE program, which was quickly adopted nationwide.  LINK

Additionally, there is this article published by TIME in February of 2001:  Just Say No to DARE

How Police Chief Riley does during his first year in this position will remain to be seen.  People change and this is a small town with everyone knowing most everyone else, or at least having heard about them!  Chief Riley may turn out to be a good choice for Cave City.  We will see how it plays out. 

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