Full text of “Final Master Plan: Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky” 1974

Full text of “Final Master Plan: Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky”


224 South 7th Avenue
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 54235
June 5, 1974

Mr. James L. Bainbridge,
Acting Regional Director
Southeast Regional Office
3401 Whipple Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30344

Dear Mr. Bainbridge :

as a member of “The National Speleological Society,” the
“Wisconsin Speleological Society,” and a concerned citizen of
the United States, I feel it is my duty to protest the lack of
wilderness consideration for Mammoth Cave National lark, as far
as underground wilderness goes, Mammoth Gave is a unique, natural
underground feature that cannot be duplicated anywhere else on
Earth. It is part of the fine history of the United States, and
while I am in favor of opening new sections of Mammoth Cave to th
public, this should be done only under controlled conditions, alw
trying to keep the consideration of the natural cave features
upper-most in the mind.

as far as parking lots, we only need carefully look at how
rapidly the recreation and tourism industry is increasing. What
is unfortunate is that if we eventually go on a 4 day work week,
the flood of cars and resulting problems such as oil and gasoline
fumes will be with us four days out of every week unlike the
present Saturday and Sunday flood. This is because some employee
will give their workers Friday off, and others will get Mondays
off. It is clear that the volume of traffic and the crowds will
increase, and since the job of a good National Park is to protect
its features, all parking lots should be OUTSIDE of the park
boundaries. An excellent spot for this would be below the Drippi
Springs Escarpment, and outside of the park boundaries. We have
start asking ourselves if by designating an area a national park,
that instead of protecting the area, we are in reality attracting
more people to the area than before, and in effect, ruining the
area?? Here is where good sound management comes into being.

I must compliment you on deciding to open some of the other
in the park up under LIMITED conditions, as this not only allows
to enjoy the speleohistory of the area more, but it will” help to
remove the excess crowds from some of the caves that are too heav
visited. I would rather see many caves opened under moderate tra
conditions, with little noticeable effects, than just one main ca
which would be ruined if it took too heavy a tourist load* Of co
all tours should have well trained guides.

In short, it is high time we got out of the politics and int
the heart of the matter, namely the protecting of the world’s lar
cave! Certainly underground wilderness is possible, and in some
it is possible to buy underground rights. go w hy can’t wildernes
exist underground, especially when the surface in the area is air
under Government ownership? The key to the future is the present
to whom it may concern, I hope you will consider the very importa
aspect of wilderness, both above and underground wisely. True, y
might not be able to use the land as much, but why should man uti
every square inch of the earth .. .surface or underground for his c
greedy needs? m ,, _

To tne future of cave protection…

Mr. Gary K. Soule N3S 11198


224- South 7th Avenue
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 54235
June 5, 1974-

Mr. James L. Bainbridge,
acting Regional Director
Southeast Regional Office
3^-01 Whipple Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 3034-4

Dear Mr. Bainbridge :

I am enclosing a letter concerning the Environmental Impact
-Statement Draft for i»L-.MM0TH CaVE NaTIONaL I-aRK in Kentucky.
I understand that by sending this letter to your office, this letter
STaTEiv-ENT ON maMMOTH 0^.VL N^TIoNaL ^aRK. Since this is vvell within
the 4-5 days following the April 30, 1974 publishing date as in the
Federal Register, I expect to see this letter, III PRINT, in this
final statement.

I always feel that despite how many letters you get, they only
have meaning if they are printed, instead of names listed. I am

ailiar ^vith Environmental Impact Statements and your comment
section, and also wish to be notified when the final environmental
impact statement will be out, and its cost, if anything. Thanks,
and I trust you will get this letter in the correct hands soon.

Yours truly, r ^

Mr. Gary K. Soule

Member: The National Speleological ^ociet

E.S. I am sorry I cannot attend the hearing, sc this will I to

do as far as the hearing record and Final iinvironmental Impact
Statement correspondence section is concerned.


.A ,,

■ ‘


Hearing Officer
c/o Superintendent
Mammoth Cave National Park
Mammoth Cave, KY 42259

Dear Friend

As a separate comment, I would like to express my view that the Draft Environment
Impact Statement included with the Master Plan and wilderness documents is
hopelessly inadequate, particularly in its discussion of wilderness alternatives.

I urge the reevaluation of the environmental impact and the drafting of a more
comprehensive and realistic Environmental Impact Statement to be included with
the Master Plan and associated wilderness documents.

Trusting that this will also become a part of the official record.


h ' ' y

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